Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dietary supplements. Are they really useful?

Some people consume dietary supplements for maintaining a healthy body and mind. There is, nevertheless, a doubt about whether they are necessary or not.

Eating a healthy diet means eating from a varied supply of food at the correct amounts. With such ideal diet, dietary supplements(nutritional pills) are senseless. Nonetheless, this adequate diet is rarely received by modern people, so dietary supplements become a good idea.

For example, some people live in dark or at least not sunny places. Or they simply stay indoors for too long. The skin stops receiving sun light, the vitamin D is no longer produced, and there could be a deficiency.

An effective way of balancing Vitamin D back to normal levels is to eat sardines or salmon. But if there is no supply of such food, then dietary supplements may help out.

Cod liver and fish oil are two highly used raw sources that are used for such pills.

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