Sunday, 3 March 2013

Setting one's priorities

There are many aspects in one's life that may deter people from engaging in the most healty activities.

For example, work at the office is frequently given priority over spending time with family and friends out in the park. Both activities are healthy, but staying in the office, sitting in a chair, watching a computer screen for 8 hours and hurrying to finish tasks produces prolonged and unhealthy stress.

Ideally, people should stare at computer screens for no longer than an hour. Eye exercises must be done in order to avoid eye strain:

Dispose a glare at null.

Followed by a constant extreme movement of the eye ball to opposite directions. The following diagram shows the final positions from left to right to up to down. You can change the order as long as the one that follows is the opposite:

Doing such set of exercises 15 to 20 times for every break should help maintain eye health. Half a carrot per day is an excellent eye maintainer as well.

How often should people workout their full body depends on various circumstances:

  • Amount of time available
  • Space available
  • Desired results
  • Nutrition
All of the above concepts can be sacrificed by something else. And since health should be your priority in life, all of them should be accomplished no matter what.

If you can work less, even if that means a sacrifice in income or secondary resources, will allow exercise sessions to be executed every day.

If there is no space because the storeroom is full and a bunch of books you will never read are taking the living room space for stretching your whole body, it is time to throw the useless books into the paper recycle bin and place the kept books and souvenirs in the storeroom.

Results will only be obtained if a constant perseverance and execution of the exercises is maintained. Fad diets and occasional exercise routines do not work. Exercising and eating effectively entails a lifestyle reform, not a whim indulgence.

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