Monday, 8 July 2013

Will power.

Apparently there really isn't much that a person with will power and patience can't achieve. Everything is really a dependent variable of time and effort. People that fail at exercising the mind and body are generally associated with lack of will power.

Admittedly, workout shouldn't disturb or harm the body or the mind, yet exhaustion is a normal process after the exertion of muscle movements, coordination and resistance. If exhaustion is not reached, it is probable that you are not doing your best and your muscles and conditioning will not develop. In fact, development occurs because the body adapts to whatever stress is being tested with. An excess of this stress can lead to negative side-effects though, therefore I do not recommend exercising more than 1 hour a day. 7 days a week is perfectly fine as long as good sleep is accomplished.

Some people arrive at home from work exhausted, however mostly it is a mind fatigue, so the muscular fatigue may challenge the mind even further, but after the workout sleep and relax time will be easier to achieve because the body excretes endorphin.

What makes the 'ripped' looking body is those extra repetitions of an exercise, when the muscles do not respond anymore, and the will power is ultimately tested.

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