Saturday, 9 November 2013

Deferring entropy.

Inevitably, at some point in time, we start to age, and our skin starts to shrivel, our muscles deteriorate, our will for energetic activities wanes and our lives become more passive. It is part of the biological order.

Nonetheless, there are steps to be taken in order to postpone the consequences of DNA sequence unlacing, exercises and balanced diet is part of the formula.

Everyday exercise is not only recommended for healthy people, it is sought by narcissists who wish to preserve their looks despite their seniority. Some people are motivated to exert daily because they are more attractive to the opposite sex by doing so, apart from the health benefits. Most people seem to be less interested in maintaining health because they don't know the burden of chronic disease. One doesn't know what one has until one looses it. So until that happens, imprudent people will tend to ignore that motivation altogether.

Contradictory excuses come to mind, like "exercising wears the tired body" and "there should be an easier solution".

Well let me tell you that there is no other solution but exercising. People may tend to prefer surgery or artificial means of maintaining hair, stretched skin and sculpted bodies, but even the best surgeons can't create the natural look of athletes and people following fitness regimens.

Good nutrition, namely abundant intake of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, modest dinners and high fibre based breakfasts, bestows a body and mind that will be more gladly accept exercise, as well as nourishes the body with all the necessities at the molecular level.

Regular massages with fatty acid rich oils like sunflower, castor and olive oil on the skin daily allows the skin to be nourished from the outside while also cleaning the pores of impurities, ergo I recommend such massage before a shower(to avoid a greasy look as well).

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