Saturday, 23 November 2013

Never quitting.

Part of the intention of exercising everyday is to exert discipline, and enhance the mind and muscle endurance.

It is very easy to quit, nonetheless the consequences of quitting are to never be recovered, because consciousness would make one feel remorse, there is no turning back time to redo it the right way. The best way to avoid remorse is always exercising(everyday), beating excuses and bestowing all will power to the session of workout. Without falling into obsession of course. 1 hour a day is a reasonable amount.

Most people find the most absurd excuses: Today it is raining(It is not raining indoors, e.g. the gym), I am tired today(and so you were yesterday, and the day before, and the day before... even more so), too many activities for today(Is there such a thing? How about resting when you are sleeping), I'll do 15 repetitions less than usual because today is a less intensive workout day(why not do 15 more to punish our temerity?) My forearms and hamstrings are sore(How about some stretching?)

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