Thursday, 28 March 2013

Balance in life is quintessential and unnegotiable

Life, as in all things existing in this universe, are exposed to corrosive forces that ends inevitably in decadence, as time passes by. In the physics realm it is called entropy.
There are, nevertheless, ways to appease deterioration or prolong the well being and proper flow of vitality with nutrition and workout.
That is what this blog and videos exposed here are all about.

Many scientific studies show how daily physical exercise not only improves cardiovascular and muscle performance, but it also increments immunological and mental capacities.

A sedentary life of office work is no good. Nor it is to workout all day. The key is balance. Just as one would balance legumes with whole grains and fish meat with fruits; workouts aren't negotiable, they must be performed in a regular basis, along with intellectual and affectional activities.

Once arrived at a certain performance level, workouts must be performed no less than that standard in a frequent fashion.

Varied food must be ingested in order to maintain healthy functionality of the body and the mind. It doesn't matter that one ate a cod liver oil one day in a month, it is only when it is taken on a regular basis that the mechanisms by which it operates, are actually effectual.

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