Saturday, 23 March 2013

Weight lifting VS Bodyweight training.

There is doubt in most people starting a workout regimen, what to do, whether to concentrate on the gym or on a park doing bodyweight exercises.

The following is a list I have compiled for you to evaluate which one is more convenient depending on your needs:

Weight lifting Bodyweight training
Muscle hypertrophy(muscle cell size increase) Muscle endurance and definition
Mild cardiovascular enhancement Excellent cardiovascular and respiratory enhancement
High expenses due to equipment rental/acquisition No expense at all, one only needs the body
Gymnasiums generally have instructors Unless hiring a personal trainer, the exercises are done alone
Travelling needed to where the equipment is Most exercises can be done anywhere
Designed for specific muscle or muscle group Best exercises are full body workout

My preference is of course bodyweight workout because I spend 0 money and I can decide when to do it, rather than to be limited to when the gym is open. Bodyweight workout is also a great resistance/endurance mind tester, because repetitions are much more than when using weights. I recommend using music, and if it is high intensity interval training to use especially timed songs to train in a more fun way.

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