Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lower abs and full body workout with resistance bands

Resistance bands, also known as elastic bands, are used by many professional trainers to increment the resistance in certain movements when doing gymnastics, bodyweight training, yoga, stretching, sparring and whatnot. There are many advantages of doing exercises on nearby parks:

  • Outdoor training allows better oxygenation
  • It can be a great occasion to meet nature
  • Sun bath(if it is a sunny day)
  • If it is cold, the sweating is less
  • Zero expenditure(other than the elastic bands and cloth wear off)
  • Refreshing

The Following video shows 4 types of exercise. All done at maximum capacity(up until exhaustion):

  1. Supine single leg pull (alternating)
  2. Supine knees to chest
  3. Supine opposite hand to foot
  4. Mountain climbers

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